We specialize in curating interactive and captivating experiences that create lasting memories. Payback Media Group, established in 2015, was founded by Shannon Staller (BA UZH), an accomplished actress and model, and Nino Ruef (BS DIJ GNS), a seasoned filmmaker, musician, and entrepreneur. 


With extensive international experience in the Entertainment and Media Industry, our founders have honed their expertise over the years. By synergizing their talents, we experienced immediate success, evidenced by multiple industry awards that recognized our exceptional and innovative business concept and philosophy.

Milestones / Partners etc. TBD

2014 — Conveniently initiate mission-critical.

2017 — Opening of in-house studios in Neuhausen

2016 — Takeover of Nino Ruef Group

2015 — Takeover of Time Studios Entertainment

2012 — First «web-only» content productions


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