Present from the very beginning and leading into the future, is how we experience social media. Our industry leading team is happy to assist you with every question. Meanwhile, some of our agents even give lectures on social media at different institutions and universities. This requires our social media managers to stay up to date. Even more so, as social media marketing is an ever changing field. This is why we introduced the Digital Native Workflow 2.0. The idea is to transmit the knowledge of the ultimate end user to every client, matching the specific needs of every individual brand.

Advertising will be 100% personalized by 2020. By then, there will be a multitude of devices (drones, wearables, new mobile devices), virtual reality, augmented reality and new social networks. No, we don't think Facebook will be dethroned just to get this straight. Advertisers currently have access to a large amount of personal consumer data and this will exponentially multiply, given how easily Generation Z provides this personal information. This is where you need to rethink your advertising solutions. Do you cover the personal needs of your customers? How do you collect data and how transparent is your company when it comes to providing details on this process? Are your clients aware for what reasons and how they receive personalized content?



Social Media References Include: Several Artists, Celebrities & Events, University of Applied Sciences Zurich and many more.