Zurich Openair 2014 Behind the Scenes


We have been producing the live TV and hosting at the Zurich Openair 2014. Follow us exclusively behind the scenes here in our blog. Let's get ready to party! 

The Beginning, before the Festival

There was actually a lot to plan before the festival started. Contact with Labels, making appointments, creating scripts preparing ideas and more. We visited the Festival Site four days before it dopend it's door. To film a preview which was so epic because it was absolutely huge!


Fun Facts & Numbers

Early morning crew meeting.

The Zurich Openair runs over four days, starting Thursday. We have been on site since Wednesday and even filmed while they were building the stage. We are a team of nine people at the Festival. Five cameramen, two assistants, unit production manager Marlène and host Nino.

Backstage Sessions, a lot of international fun!

One of the most fun things were the backstage sessions. We've made awesome drawings, played intelectual games and gave away a lot of chocolate! Man, that was awesome!

Another great talk we have had was with Nino's new cap buddy Mette Lindberg from the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Her management told us the band didn't see anything from Zurich so we searched some amazing pics from Zurich on the internet and showed them what they missed. That was fun! But then, we had a little special present. Six bars of the finest swiss chocolate from Lindt! Yummy.

For example here is a fun clip where the guys from Breton drew some crazy stuff with us! Btw., we still have the sketches hanging in our office, should I give them away?

Here is a great example what happens if you remove all the intelligent content from an Interview. Great outtakes from a talk with our  friend Carlos Leal! We have heard that the LA based actor and musician was in town because they were shooting the new season from «Der Bestatter» so we invited him to join us at the Zurich Openair.